Men’s LDS / Church Hurt Processing Group

Currently holding a small in-person process group for men who have either left the church or having difficulty dealing with church based hurt/abuse/ or conditioning that has stagnated personal growth or harmed relationships.  This group is a safe place to ask questions, consider alternate possibilities and address stigma and fear of leaving a particular church or group.  Members of the group are from LDS/ Evangelical/ and other similar groups that have a strict code of compliance or cultural expectations that may have interfered with normal human growth.   The purpose of this group is to heal from the hurt or damage, not to rally against such groups.  I want it to be a safe place to talk about things that are often forbidden to do so.  Feel free to ask questions if sincerely interested in the group.  An introductory session/ interview is necessary to join the group.  The cost of the first session is $35 and each group attended is $35.00.  It currently meets every other Tuesday evening at 7:30, PM.